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About Us

Eco Hellas Solar offers Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning services under Turnkey Solar EPC Solutions for a number of projects.

Having extensive experience in the renewable energy market, in dimensioning and construction, financing and energy business, we provide our customers with tailormade concepts for sustainable and environmentally compatible energy production.

As a global renewable EPC company, we offer innovations coupled with world-class technology and best practices that provide efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions. We operate an asset-light business model that generally entails low capital expenditures and fixed costs, thus offering flexibility and scalability to meet our customers’ needs, provide integrated and customised solutions and respond quickly to market conditions.

The global energy landscape has been transforming, with a rapid uptake in renewable energy sources. Eco Hellas Solar Energy aims to use its industry expertise and strong stakeholder relationships to make valuable contributions to this green energy transition in the world. As a diversified renewable solutions provider, we are set to become a leader in the energy market of the future.

Eco Hellas Solar is driven by our vision and Corporate values. Our drivers come into action to set the anticipated performance from every Eco Hellas Solar employee, specifically mastering our jobs, teaming up on missions, delivering to the point, and creating values.

We realize the importance of being a partner of choice for customers, partners as well as employees, in order to sustain our leading position in the Solar Photovoltaic Market. Eco Hellas Solar perceives corporate culture as the most important element that ensures the quality and client oriented business approach. This is our ultimate company value driving us to reach our corporate targets.


End to End Solutions

The highly skilled and dedicated EPC Team at Eco Hellas Solar assures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifespan of the plant.


Reliable design with best-in-class engineering team

State-of-the-art design software’s for compliance with international standards


Equipment from top suppliers for maximum trouble free operation

Quality and certified products backed up by tie-ups and SLA with reputed vendors

Procurement team strength of 50+ having 9 decades of procurement experience


Robust execution methodology for insuring quality at all stages

Delivering projects in record time consistently with best field quality

Dedicated project teams for installation across globe

Operation & Maintenance

Faster and cost effective performance monitoring

O&M data analysis and reporting

Routine, preventive and corrective maintenance

Investing in Solar Power

Sustainable carbon-free energy solutions such as solar power are crucial in achieving our climate goals and the sustainable development agenda.

Solar Power means producing energy through photovoltaic process. The environmental impact of solar power is significantly smaller than other power generation method. No harmful emissions are released into the air when electricity is produced by solar panels This means your small measure can contribute significantly to save the environment.

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world’s energy needs. The photovoltaic process that transforms the eternal sunlight into electricity doesn’t require any fuel and has no variable costs. It produces electricity in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Furthermore, solar power provides better grid security, since increasing usage would lighten the load on the power grid and therefore ensure better grid security. This implies fewer power cuts and more protection from disasters.

Installing solar panels significantly reduces monthly electricity bills and dependence on the power grid. According to long-term forecast solar remains a cost-effective solution and long-term investment in the future.

Finally, all these advantages come with a positive balance, since installation of the solar power system is a one-time investment. The investment reaps huge dividends in form of lower electricity bills and/or fixed tariffs for producers for several years.



Apollonos 43

55535 Pylaia Thessaloniki,

Exit Kalamaria- Foinika

Building ECO HELLAS -Renewable Energies 


P.O.Box 60185, 57001 Thermi Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone Number: 0030 231 4171 100

Mobile unit: 0030 698 3805 637

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